Algorithm With The Ability To Find Antibiotic Candidates




It seems that technology has improved in making medicines over the years. However, viral diseases have also evolved into a more formidable opponent as technology rises. That is why an international research team has applied an idea in restructuring pharmaceutical methods. Right now, the industry is focusing on the source first before creating a cure in search for a new pharmaceutical technique.

The field of pharmaceuticals is one of the wealthiest industries in the world. Though we all know there are still a lot of viral diseases that are yet to be cured by antibiotics, researchers from different prestigious Universities (such as Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California in San Diego and St. Petersburg in Russia) gathered for a proposition. They proposed a modern means of searching big repositories of compounds emanating from microbes.

The analysis of the mass spectra was able to pinpoint the known elements inside the repository using the information gathered from the reviewed compounds (microbes). It tends to focus on the unknown parameters that can potentially create a much efficient type of antibiotics or even anticancer medicine. The researchers named the algorithm – Dereplicator. It is the process of capably finding an excellent efficiency of antibiotic candidates from different elements and compounds.




Testing The Algorithm

Before the use of mass spectrometry, data repositories were put into halt because of its complexity. Not to mention the high cost needed to push through the process, including the hit or miss efficiency of rediscovering known compounds. But the researchers still test the Dereplicator on a week with 100 running computers. From that test, the algorithm sorted through a billion of mass spectra in the Global Natural Products Social molecular network at the University of California. They primarily measure the masses within a sample that seems ionized. Positively, it had identified 5000 plus unknown compounds that need to undergo a more thorough investigative process.

After the breakthrough, the researchers made sure that the algorithm is available for use to any investigator that wants to study additional repositories. The aim to tests the effectivity of the algorithm affects and gathers opinion all throughout the pharmaceutical industry. But according to some researcher, analyzing the compounds mass spectra is an inexpensive way of recognizing the new type of drugs. Although the method used by some were only limited to peptides, it is solely composed of simple structures like loops and chains.

The unknown structures of the gathered result were tested to analyze the variety of complex compounds. The group of researchers from the collaborating universities created a technique for predicting how a mass spectrometer would break molecules. The method started with the weakest rings. From there, it gets simulated as the molecules get placed into a breaking process. An AI technology was integrated into the creation of algorithm, using 5000 specific known compounds and their mass spectra. They made a computer model that can predict the process of breakdown of other unknown compounds.

According to the lead researcher Mohimani, the algorithm and biotechnology of Dereplicator do not only recognized known compounds that don’t need any further investigation, but it can also identify “not so common” variants of several known compounds that are likely to go undetected in the process.




With this new algorithm that is seemingly already available, new ventures in the field of pharmaceutical become wide open. It will create more efficient progress in the creation of suitable and effective drugs that aid a lot of diseases. And it’s not just antibiotics — algorithms and the future of AI in mental health crisis support mean that computers might be able to help us with a broad range of illnesses, not just medicine. From there, people and health care providers can somehow conclude that the Dereplicator algorithm can become a gateway to more efficient compound discovery and rediscovery process.

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