Category: IT Technology Improvements

2014 Arizona IT Annual Meeting And Future Events

As a member of the IT community, it is imperative on your part to join conferences and seminars such as the 2014 Arizona IT annual meeting. Take note that you cannot merely rely on your stock knowledge when it comes to practicing your profession. You have to be responsible enough to make time for the […]

Machine Learning – What Is It About?

A vast portion of the world’s society is experiencing the rising of technology. However, only a few people understand and internalize what it is. Artificial intelligence gives thanks to books and movies because each generation already created a form of fantasy in their perception. That is the ruling of worlds – or at least served […]

The Future Of Information Technology With Nanoscale Pillars

    The information technology in the modern day relies on electron charge and light as the primary medium for standard processing and data transfer. However, the researchers from Linköping University and Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology think that it is possible to process information at a much faster rate with the use of smaller […]

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TMDCs – The Future Of Computer Processing

    The sudden surge of data to servers and computers represent the emergence of smart devices, Artificial intelligence (AI) and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). Since traditional computers can no longer process efficiently the millions of data that tend to feed its system every day, science and technology have found a […]